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Foreign Representatives» recognizes the integration of legal «money laundering and terrorist financing» a unified project

Tuesday, 03 January 2012


Committee of Foreign Affairs, Defence, and National Security parliamentary, meets on Monday (January 2, 2011) to discuss the Draft Law to amend some provisions of Decree Law No. (4), for the year 2001 concerning the prohibition and combating money laundering and financing terrorism, which was amended by Law No. (54) for the year 2006, the Shura Council proposed  the draft law amended some provisions of Decree Law on the prohibition and combating money laundering and terrorist financing, to facilities the Decree No. (111), for the year 2011.

 This is confirmed by the Committee's Chairman Susan who headed the members of Representatives committee that approved to merge the two laws projects which submitted by the government and the Shura Council pursuant to Article No. (99), regarding the Rules of Procedure of the Representatives Committee, and thus the Commission agreed on some of the legal texts from the government project and other texts from the Council of Shura. The Committee is still waiting for visualization from the Central Bank of Bahrain, in particular, in order to prepare and formulate the final law projects report.

 This came during a meeting of the Committee of Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security parliamentary and representatives from Ministry of Interior: Anti Economic Crime Directorate Maj. Bassam Al Maraj, Captain Wael Hussein, from Legal Affairs Directorate , and representatives from Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs: Legal Adviser Said Abdel-Muttalib, and representatives from  Ministry of Finance : Governor of Central Bank of Bahrain Rasheed Al Maraj, the Executive Director for Financial Institutions Supervision on Banks, Abdul Rahman Al Baker, and the Legal Adviser :Mohammad-Najjar from Shura .


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