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About Financial Intelligence Directorate

The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the most prominent countries economically, financially, and commercially; which drove it to realize the importance of eradicating financial crimes that constitute a source of concern internationally and affect security and economies of many nations. Hence, the Kingdom was keen to promulgate laws and legislations that contribute to uproot these crimes that aggravate with the increased economic development.

The attention of the Kingdom was manifested in establishment of Financial Intelligence Directorate that is affiliated to the Ministry of Interior. This Directorate is responsible for acting as a national center for receipt and analysis of suspicious transaction reports and other information relevant to money laundering, associated predicate offences and terrorist financing; and for the dissemination of the results of that analysis.

General Framework of Financial Intelligence Directorate:


High efficiency, excellence in security performance and constant care to cope with developments in combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and promote it regionally and internationally.


Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing through adherence to international standards and effective coordination between the relevant authorities, building capabilities and awareness-raising efforts.

Strategic Goals:

Setting up the strategic goals comes within the context of the desire to achieve the highest degree of efficiency and excellence through the following:
  • Development of functional capacities and raising operational efficiency of the employees of Financial Investigation Department.
  • Promotion of international cooperation in money laundering and financing of terrorism through conclusion of mutual cooperation treaties with the specialized units and the peer departments internationally.
  • Promotion of national cooperation in money laundering and financing of terrorism in areas such as building relationships between various agencies in order to streamline information exchange with the national authorities.
  • Compliance with implementing the forty recommendations set out by (Financial Action Task Force) "FATF" with their contents of standards and procedures related to MENA region.
  • Focus on modern technology and activating procedures of fighting money laundering and financing of terrorism to benefit from all available databases.
  • Consolidating financial awareness through updating the financial and non-financial institutions about the new techniques in the field of money laundering and financing of terrorism and developing Indications of suspicion through providing them with the indications and trends available in the Department about money laundering and financing of terrorism.
  • Seeking to increase informing the non-financial agencies through constant bolster of mutual relationships and information exchange by the way of holding meetings and common training sessions.

Law of Constituting Financial Intelligence Directorate:

Financial Intelligence Directorate is the executive unit in the Kingdom of Bahrain, established in accordance with provisions of Article (4) of Decree Law No. (4) of 2001 and amendments thereto, and Decree Law No. 54 of 2006 to keep abreast of the developments related to fighting transit crimes across borders and addition of the crime of financing of terrorism. This Directorate is in charge of receiving, requesting, analyzing and promulgating disclosures to authorities of investigation and control in connection with financial information about revenues suspected to be the outcome of an alleged crime (or crimes) aimed at money laundering and financing of terrorism. In line with the developments and so that the Kingdom fulfills all its commitments to the international resolutions, the Decree Law No. (4) of 2001 was amended by issuing Law No. (25) of 2013, as amended, which addressed all money laundering crimes and adopted the recommendations issued from (FATF). Given the belief of the country wise leadership that such organized crimes have a lot of negative social and economic effects at both the international and local levels, the Decree Law No. 109 of 2011 regarding constitution of Financial Intelligence Directorate was issued to combat corruption, and provide for economic and electronic security. Under the umbrella of this Law, Financial Intelligence Directorate was upgraded from a unit scale to a Directorate commissioned with Law enforcement.



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